Area of expertise

Sports medicine

Due to our many years of experience in sports medicine, we focus in our practice primarily on the prevention, detection and treatment of acute sports injuries of all kinds… [more information]

Osteoarthritis treatment

AWorn cartilage on the joints of the knee, shoulder, hip, hand, and finger is a common ailment in old age. But osteoarthritis can also affect young people. After all, osteoarthritis is… [more information]


Osteoporosis (also known as bone loss) is a disease of the skeletal system. The bones lose their strength and often lead to fractures of the vertebrae, the hip joint or the wrists, without… [more information]

Muscle and tendon injuries

Muscle and tendon injuries can result from accidents, improper stress in everyday life or during sports. In order to be able to assess the injury more precisely, we use ultrasound … [more information]

Intervertebral disc prolapses

Back pain radiating into the leg or arm can indicate a herniated disc. A herniated disc is a breakthrough of the gelatinous nucleus of a disc through its fibrous ring. As a result… [more information]